Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Coming American fascism

The recent events at Berkeley involving Milo and Ann Coulter increasingly resemble the situation in Germany before Hitler... essentially an alliance between people in the government and lawless thugs outside it but allied to it. This is what happened with the Freikorps starting in 1919... it took many years for Hitler to corral this movement into something he could control.. (Rahm was first...)

Well, now the same kind of trend developing in the USA. At this point, the mob has no leader. but it's clearly taking shape. An alliance of left wing extragovernmental thugs combined with sympathetic politicians, judges and police (at least police chiefs etc).

This is what preceded Naziism. Like I said they still have no leader.. but this was the foundation of the Nazi state... before the USA might have had people who seemed like fascists.. but we still had a safe constitutional order. We must be careful.. this new "constitutional order" is increasingly sympathetic to dictatorship... a leader is missing... for now.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Two stories that show the rotten corruption in financial industry



Sunday, April 16, 2017

Erdogan, NATO & McMasters

Here we have National Security Adviser McMaster saying the USA needs to get tough on Russia:


Here we see Erdogan becoming the Chavez/Castro of Turkey:


It takes a fool to miss what is happening:

Turkey is in NATO. McMaster, like much of the higher ranking US military, is a slave of NATO and thus of people like Erdogan.

Erdogan has, in the past, flooded Europe with Muslims. He has stopped this recently (perhaps to take some of Le Pen's mojo away).

But in the end, the sides are very clear. On one side, we have:

  • USA
  • Turkey
  • Germany
  • NATO
  • Saudi Arabia

On the other side we have:

  • Russia
  • Syria
  • Iran
The wildcards are:
  • UK
  • China
  • France
Part of this division is also the division within islam between sunnis/wahbists (Saudis) and shiite/alawite (Syria+Iran).

The key thing is that NATO at this point is really the indicator to watch. Any move toward NATO is a move toward islam. Moves against Russia, as McMasters currently states, are moves toward an islamic (wahabist) takeover. Moves against Assad will flood Europe with Muslims. They will also help reconstruct the old Ottoman Empire.

Anyway, these battle lines are taking shape somewhat clearly as time progresses.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

More evidence Trump is crumbling

While Jeff Sessions' high-profile enforcement actions may look good, it could all be very short-term based on some interesting stuff in the Hill:


Basically, Paul Ryan etc will block the border wall.

Once again, we go back to the basic point: Why did Trump ever agree with work with Ryan?

Purging the House of non-TPM Republicans before taking bold actions will be viewed in the future as the reason why Trump failed.

Ultimately, I see risk of him doing "the best he can". Some things will look good, but the Establishment will simply bide its time. Unless he purges and destroys it, they will simply come back.

Once again, a lack of good doctrine will ruin him.

Maybe the real warning sign was his early affection for Andrew Jackson. Until that wicked man's spirit is removed from Washington, the country and all humanity is at risk.

How long for Sessions?

Given the way Trump is turning mainstream one has to wonder how long Jeff Sessions will be able to continue his work... so far so good but at some point watch for the Establishment to come after him as well.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bannon's errors and the end of Trump

I try not to jump on the bandwagon too much but it seems Trump has sunk into a disaster. Several articles clearly show how he's shifted on key issues that brought him to office. These include:

  • Not labeling China a currency manipulator (this is partially understandable because to be fair, China has accommodated many of Trump's complaints and he might need them on N Korea.)
  • Praising NATO
  • Supporting Janet Yellen
  • Supporting hardlines and conflicts against Russia and Syria
Much of this appears to be Trump surrendering on key issues and retreating after some early initial defeats. Those should therefore be understood.

First and foremost, I think Steve Bannon is clearly to blame. From the very start, I cringed at Trump's strident tone. I was ok with his inaugural address.. but was concerned as soon as he implemented that travel ban. After all it was done so early before he consolidated his power.

The problem is simply that Bannon never consolidated his position. In this he resembles Germany at the start of WWII. Yes, the enemy was weak and divided. But they were many. A broad, aggressive attack may feel good and score some nice headlines up front, but the ultimate result was that it united his enemies.. just as Hitler could have/should have co-opted the Ukrainian and Poles as allies against the Russians.. individual areas should have been secured.

The first mistake was not prosecuting the Clintons and others. Crimes were definitely committed. His failure to get before the American people and make a simple case of criminal actions by certain Dems was a major oversight. He should have appeared everyday making the case for his policies.

Another was in cooperating with the media. I am not sure why NYT and CNN were allowed to keep their press credentials. He should have spoken to Infowars only.

Another mistake was doing controversial things like the travel ban.

Another mistake was pushing so hard on healthcare, and then alienating the same Tea Party Republicans who are his natural base of support.

At this point, many things can unfold. But it doesn't look good for Trump. He now runs the risk of being another George W Bush.. something of a disaster who both hurts conservatism overall.

One benefit.. at least for now, will be the crackdown on illegal immigration. The ultimate benefit there is that the liberal Catholic bishops etc will get starved out.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Trump co-opted by the establishment?


Credit rating agencies slammed Trump ... but now he's obeying their people and attacking Assad, not repealing Obamacare etc, he's a good little boy.

This, of course comes shortly before the April 28 budget deadline. Watch Fitch be DEAD WRONG.

My prediction is that now that the Freedom Caucus has won the Obamacare fight, they will push hard in budget stuff end of the month. This could be the year we actually get a shutdown or default or something like that. Working with Dems will be nearly impossible and GOP will split. Now that Trump has potentially abandoned his base and sold out, things could get worse. After all, Paul Ryan is incompetent.

Now's the time to be long vol!