Thursday, September 21, 2017

What JP2 and DJT have in common

JP2 tried to put the Vatican II genie back in the bottle with documents like Familiaris Consortio and by ruling against women priests etc. He and Benedict XVI were more "conservative".. which allowed more orthodox Catholics to take comfort with the situation in the Church. They weren't crazy about some of the crazy liberal stuff that these popes tolerated but they took comfort that "at least the pope is with us."

Well now in the Church, we have a truly left leaning Pope.

Look to Washington. Yes, Trump talks a good line but all the people around him remain fully swampified. McMasters, Kelley etc. They're all over State and Justice. They're going after Drudge, Alex Jones.. their proxies have ousted Bolling and O'Reilly from Fox. Limbaugh is getting smeared over hurricanes.

For now, Trump will keep the "conservative" thing going. But he's a distraction. In reality the swamp is tightening its grip... the next president could be a Bergolio and the entire conservative movement could end up like Cardinal Burke, Josef Siefert, etc.

This trend is no joke. We saw the insanity spread out from Vatican II into the culture. It could happen again.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Trump rewarded by swamp

Interesting that now Trump caves on certain things Politico supports him...

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Trump's dangerous game: The undoing of TR

Trump is doing anything but make America great again. He is an increasingly reckless blowhard who's really causing some real problems.

Look at this whole threat against N Korea:

Saying we'll to "totally destroy" NK. This is stupid on so many levels.

First of all, it's a major challenge. So now what happens the next time NK fires off a missile toward Japan? What do we do? We've committed to nuking them. Now we have no room to back down.

Second, it's an undoing of TR's "speak softly and carry a big stick." TR, the same NYC Republican who did so much to "make America great" on the world stage is now being reversed by another NYC Republican.

Third, when this is over, Trump will have no credibility. He's backtracked on far too many issues and now working with the same liberal Dems many in his base consider the mortal enemy. Now he makes a threat that ties his hands. We have all the freedom in the world, and like Herod with Herodias he's needlessly committing to something truly stupid.

Here is my take:

1) The swamp is now controlling him. He doesn't know it because he never really new what the swamp was or how to drain it.
2) Those swamp generals like McMasters are working with Senate swampers like Lindsay Graham. They're guiding Trump down a path that works for them. NATO is intact. Permanent Afghan commitment is intact. UN is intact. China and Saudis aren't getting punished in any meaningful way for supporting terrorism and other bad stuff.
3) At some point they will let Trump self destruct and then stand by as he gets impeached. Or they will simply keep using him for their ends without him being any the wiser.

But ultimately for me, it's scary. I think nuclear war at this point is the real concern.

Lindsay Graham and Obamacare repeal

Now Lindsay Graham is pushing his own version of Obamacare repeal. It's also interesting that the same Lindsay Graham was pushing this whole Russian canard in the Senate.. He viciously attacked Trump and now wants to be friends.

For me this is sad.. Trump has been battered so much and taken over by the generals. I am not sure how much he ever really opposed "the swamp" or even understood what it was. I tend to think his comprehension of bigger issues (like many Americans) is woefully deficient. He doesn't understand the nature of America, or the nature of the swamp.

He will now be a "dealmaker" and everyone will cheer him. But they will win.. not Trump. The very fact the whole Russia probe is fading and now Graham wants to work with him is a very clear signal to me.. the Swamp got what it wanted so it's rewarding Trump. It got a status quo with NATO and China (no steel tarriffs, Russia sanctions etc). It got permission for unending presence in Afghanistan.. it got all the populists out of the White House. It's going to get amnesty for the dreamers.

In return, Trump will now be allowed to pass a good tax reform and other good things.

So yes, these things are positive. And we will get some good judges. All of this is good.

But 1) it could have been MUCH BETTER and 2) the Swamp remains intact and may emerge from this stronger than ever. It's like a festering sore that one day will produce a real crisis. For now, under a Republican and conservatives, it's not so bad. But no one who really supported Trump should view developments in the last 1-2 months as good. They're the worst possible outcome based on what we hoped for. Nonetheless, they're much better than the alternative of Hillary having won.

Monday, September 18, 2017

The real problem with Trump

The real problem with Trump is that he's always been a New York DemoKKKrat at heart. He loves Andrew Jackson, he loves Thomas Jefferson. He loves the party of George McClellan and Jefferson Davis. He loves the party of FDR, LBJ and Bill Clinton.

We must never forget what horrible men these were. Chattel owning, slave-pushing, white supremecist purveyors of mob rule. Criminals.

These are the men who obliterated our Republic, with divided powers. These are the men who flushed the rule of law down the toilette of social security and Chappaquiddick. These are the men who burned a cross on the front yard of Al Smith. This is the disgusting party that stands for everything expedient, immoral, and dishonest in American history. This is the party of failing public education and Planned Parenthood.

Now the left attack very real problems... the disgracefulness of racial inequality and problems.. the history of discrimination.. following the patterns of all communists in history, they attack real problems and injustices in a way that will lead to infinitely worse problems and injustices.

Because Trump is unable to distance himself from America's criminal party, he will never be able to fix the problem. Honestly, most Americans don't understand any of this. Most Republicans and "conservatives" will stand by and defend the God-hating, adulterous bolshevick Jefferson and think they're being patriotic... and they'll go down fighting an impossible, unwinnable war. In the end, we'll have a left-wing dictatorship.. and all because conservatives have no sense of history.

But even deeper we find that there really is no "America." It's not Jefferson, or even Washington and Hamilton. All the good in America comes from Christendom. America is like a very fine and amazing print made from a woodcut.. but it's not the woodcut.

We need to get back to the woodcut, the original. We can always make a new America if we return to Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Church He founded for our salvation... out of love. Otherwise, the stars and stripes are just another golden calf.. and our patriotism is no more than another bull or goat. Our Lord wants love and obediences, not burnt offerings!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The end of political parties

An interesting forward looking piece by Jake Novak.. I somewhat agree .. he's calling a trend and that's what this blog is all about

Monday, September 11, 2017

The destruction of Rush Limbaugh

It is clear the Soros, Tim Cook and others are working to destroy people like Rush Limbaugh. They have attacked him for years and now they will try again by pushing stories about whatever he said or didn't say about hurricanes in Florida. Whatever. The key point is that there is a growing desire to wipe out Limbaugh.. one of the leading voices against their liberal consensus. I tend to think they will win.. there's Rush gushing about iPhones while Tim Cook funds SPLC. honestly he's like Stalin giving materials to Germany in 1941. He deserves to get killed.